What did you have for dinner ?  If you made your dinner it’s likely you know what the ingredients were. When you gave your dog their dinner do you know what the ingredients were in their food ?

Where do you buy your food? Do you study the labels and take an interest in your nutrition?

Do you know what’s in your dogs food? How does it rates amongst the masses ? or do you go for what you have always used or the favourites ? Lots of questions ! 

I stumbled across this great site which is all about dog food.It ‘s interesting that marketing has as much to answer for in pet foods as it does in our food. Most of my customers use a popular brand whilst others are trying natural feed or raw food, I can notice the difference in the dogs whilst caring for them.The ones fed with the recognised brand are slightly wired.On looking through this site I noticed that this brand had a few curious ingredients, sugar being one of them and it had a high fat content to so it’s basically awful for your dog, like a fast food lunch everyday wouldn’t be the best choice for you either.

Is it expensive top feed your dog something good?,  I found some 3.9-4.4 star rated foods from 48p per meal which is a bit better than Bakers at 001.star rating and costs 66p per day.

I use Aatu & Eden as my treats for dogs as they are small enough to go in my tin for the rattle effect and are great nutritionally so the treat is good for your pet and won’t rot their teeth or make them hyperactive. All my walkers love these, they sit quick snap which is a good sign.

I have found that changing one of my Labradors over to Aatu from Harringtons has had a huge positive impact on her weight, coat and behaviour and the bag lasts ages as you don’t need as much quality product as the bulked up product I was used to giving her so it works out cheaper than the less expensive food I was giving to her.

My Male Labrador prefers raw food and I use Natures menu. Moss enjoys all the flavours and I enjoy the ease of taking out the nuggets I need without having a huge block of meat. The ingredients listed is small and I recognise all of them.

I find that often Fetch has some great deals on the more expensive foods, Halti leads and also the cant live without Coa harness.

Eden Pet foods are a very good holistic food producer that are based in the UK.