We have all heard of the blood donor scheme right ? How about the pet blood bank?

The worst happens and your beloved dog needs extra help, more blood.Where does it come from?

On one of my Emergency pet taxi runs to Vets now in Reading I picked up a leaflet about the Pet Blood bank and had a read…..

Launched in 2007, Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK.

As part of our charitable remit, our aim is to advance animal health and welfare and to relieve suffering by providing quick and convenient access to blood.

Similar to the human blood service, dog owners kindly bring along their much loved canine companions to give blood at one of our many sessions across the country.

The blood is then taken to our state of the art processing centre in Loughborough where it is separated into red blood cells and plasma products, and then stored ready for despatch.

Pet Blood Bank UK is a charity that provides a national canine blood bank.  Our products and services are available to all UK veterinary professionals.

Over 1000 dogs needed transfusions last year.

Every unit of blood can save upto 4 lives, so it really is worth being a pet blood donor.

What happens ? Watch Lexi giving blood at the blood bank

A fantastic charity that we would all hope never to need but love to help. Register your pet as a donor